Day 5: Back From the Limbo

Hey Hunters!

Good news! My prediction turned out wrong 🙂 Greg Worley’s We Love Your Sites is back online, so you still have a few hours to grab his Badge #48, as it is available only today.

It’s also last day to grab Badge #35 at TESearch as well as Badges #52 and #53 at List Build Surf, and Badges #54 and #55 at XP Tasker.

Top 25 Surfers at TE Racing League and Sound Surf Live since the start of the Badge Hunt will be getting Badges #2 and #18, you still got a chance to get it if you go into a surfing frenzy, as qualifications end at reset time tonight. Winners will be able to claim their badges at TERL and SSC tomorrow.

Doc. John Novak puts new Badges in rotation starting tomorrow. Badges #56 and #57 will be available at XP Tasker. Badges #58 and #59 will be at List Build Surf. You will be able to claim them until March 23rd.

You still have a chance to HOST YOUR OWN BADGE, 40 are still on the market.

Numbers Time!

6,566 Badge Hunt Badges were claimed as of this writing!
11 Badges still lack clues!
146 Badges were claimed at least once!
24 Badges are yet to be claimed!

Top 3 Claimed Badges order is unchanged:

  1. Badge #102 – Scott Rohn (Claimed 433 times)
  2. Badge #105 – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 337 times)
  3. Badge #118   – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 301 times)

Until Next Time,


Day 4: Going Out on a Limb

Hi Hunters!

Hope you are having fun as much as I am 🙂

Today we have one more badge added to the sheet (Badge #170 hosted by Brandon  Fly) and it is (sigh) still hintless. You can, of course, still GRAB ONE to call it your own. Try it! It is a lot of fun!

On to the daily recommendations:

There is no badges that start today, so you may as well concentrate on Badges #18, #52, #53, #54, #55 as tomorrow is the last day to claim them.

Also, if you surfed each day since the beginning of the hunt for Badge #133 you will be getting it tomorrow as 18th is set as the last day you need to surf to get it. If you missed for this week, you can try to get it next week from 21st to 25th.

Also scheduled for tomorrow, as the first and only date to get the Badge #48 (hosted by Greg Worley), is task to surf We Love Your Sites. Let me go out on a limb here, chances are you, or anyone else won’t be getting this badge as the site is unreachable as of time of this writing, and was for the past two days.

On a brighter note, you should be able to get his Badge #47 by clicking “Subscribe and Join” button on the badge claim page (tho he never bothered to put his hint up).

Numbers Time!

5,946 Badge Hunt Badges were claimed as of this writing!
13 Badges still lack clues!
140 Badges were claimed at least once!
30 Badges are yet to be claimed!

Top 3 Claimed Badges. The order stays the same here. Chances of anyone removing Scott from spot #1 are very slim now, as he forfeit his list building approach for this badge and released it into the wild, so you can now find it while surfing TEs. The only way he’ll be demoted from spot #1 is if he runs out of credits! Hope Scott knows what he’s doing!

  1. Badge #102 – Scott Rohn (Claimed 380 times)
  2. Badge #105 – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 319 times)
  3. Badge #118   – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 274 times)

Until Next Time!


Day 3: New Hints on the Sheet

Hello Hunters!

It’s day 3 of the badge Hunt and we have one more badge in the hunt Badge #169 hosted by Chris Hewitt-Sowell and you have multiple options to get it. You still have 41 more chances to GRAB A BADGE in this hunt!

Hope your Daily Challenge at TE Racing League is going well, as today is your only chance to get Badge #157!

Marcus Wahl of Legacy Team posted hints for their Badges #95, #96, #97 and #98. Requirements for the first 3 badges are to surf 3750 pages during the Badge Hunt at Legacy Hits, Social Ad Surf and Ninja Surf, respectively. If you spread your surfing to equal number of pages on each day until the end of this hunt you’ll need to surf 288 page at each site daily. This makes these badges ideal candidates to start pursuing them today.

Leone Marziano’s Badge #35 at TESearch. If you miss it today, you’ll get one more chance on 18th. Don’t forget it gets progressively harder!

No other badges with set dates start today, so aside of the badges mentioned above you should focus on badges mentioned on Day 1 post.

Numbers Time!

4,931 Badge Hunt Badges were claimed as of this writing!
13 Badges still lack clues!
135 Badges were claimed at least once!
34 Badges are yet to be claimed!

Top 3 Claimed Badges. We have some changes here folks. Lynn’s and Brian’s Badge #16 dropped to 4th place and is behind Doug Roehrig’s Badge #118 by 31 claims.

  1. Badge #102 – Scott Rohn (Claimed 300 times)
  2. Badge #105 – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 264 times)
  3. Badge #118   – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 206 times)

Until Next Time!



Badge #33 is here

If you remember the hats challenge from Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt, you know the drill. If not you can read it here.

You are searching for the same 10 hats, find all of them you get the Egg #33.

If you get stuck Tweet at me and use the hashtag of the hat that you have trouble finding. You can find the hashtags in the post linked above.

When I see the tweet, I’ll tweet you back the EXACT location of that hat (tweet will be encrypted with simple cypher tho). If you ask for more than one hint, every next tweet will be progressively more complex.

Happy Hat Hunting!

Day 2: Hunters, Eggs, and Tardiness Slips

Hello Hunters!

It’s day TWO of the Easter Egg Badge Hunt!

Total badges in the hunt as of this writing is 168, which means you can still GRAB SOME for yourself. That also means that four more badges were added to the hunt today and those are #164 (hosted by Jon Olson) and #165 through #168 (hosted by Candis Luther)

Badge #36 by Leone Marziano starts today (requirement is to surf between 100 and 250 pages at TESearch) if you miss it today, it’ll also be available on Thursday 17th and Saturday 19th with progressively higher requirements, so grab it today folks!

Get ready for Daily Challenge at TERacingLeague tomorrow as it will be your only chance to get the Badge #157 hosted by Robert Arnold!

Speaking of Daily Challenges if you didn’t do it today, there is still time, and I highly recommend you do it. It is at CoolCatHits which makes it perfect time for you to grab badges hosted by Doug Roehrig (#105, #118, #119, #120).

Tardiness still plagues Badge Hunt. Lynn M explains why it is a bad thing.


Numbers Time!

3,863 Badge Hunt Badges were claimed as of this writing!
22 Badges still lack clues!
124 Badges were claimed at least once!
44 Badges are yet to be claimed!

Top 3 Claimed Badges order is unchanged:

  1. Badge #102 – Scott Rohn (Claimed 244 times)
  2. Badge #105 – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 215 times)
  3. Badge #16   – Lynn M & Brian Cullen (Claimed 170 times)

Until Next Time,


[egg id=”0″]

Easter Badge Hunt is HERE!

And the madness can begin!

This CTP Badge Hunt is very peculiar from the get go. It is, as I recall the first badge hunt that isn’t sold out before it’s started. If you are list builder or program owner you should go and grab some now.

There are currently 164 badges in this hunt (out of 210).

Badges you should consider grabbing immediately are:

Badge #35 at TESearch – If you miss it today you can retry on March 16th and 18th, but it gets progressively harder.
Badge #5 at GPowerCast – due to my tardiness, this one you can’t get during live show, so try the replay or attend it next week (Monday 21st at 1PM Eastern).

Badges that are available starting today: #2, #4, #18, #19, #52, #53, #54, #55, #66, #83, #85, #133, #161 

Expected thing for this hunt, as for all the previous ones, is that many hints are not yet in place (not even a hint on when the hint will be added).


Here are some numbers:

105 badges were claimed at least once.
59 are yet to be claimed.
33 have no hints at all!

Top 3 claimed badges as of this writing are:

  1. Badge #102 – Scott Rohn (Claimed 168 times)
  2. Badge #105 – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 120 times)
  3. Badge #16   – Lynn M & Brian Cullen (Claimed 114 times)

Until next time,

Design for Zedgar – Badge Hunt Edition

This is first in a series of videos I dubbed “Design for Zedgar”. Badge Hunt Edition because you can potentially get 3 badges if you use the info contained in it. First by designing your splash with AdKreator, you will get Barb Del Giudice’s badge. Then by transferring that design to you will get two badges that Sunny and Rhonda host at their site.

However, main goal of this video series is not to show you how to get CTP badges but how to unleash full potential of that tin little guy called Zedgar using the power of that cute animal of undefined species called Wilber (pictured on Zedgar’s box below).


Kore4 for $4

In case you don’t know what Kore4 is upgrade in all 4 Tim Tech traffic exchanges (StartXchange, I Love Hits, ThumbVu & Sweeva) plus Click Track Profit, their success road map for traffic exchange industry. It is sold for $30 a month.

Now you have a chance to get one month free on me. Well not quite free, it will cost you $4.

What you need to do is join Pay It Koreward by clicking on the banner below and upgrade your account.

On July 1st I’ll draw one winner who will receive one month Kore4 upgrade on me. Drawing will be streamed on StreamUp

Also, everyone that takes up on this offer will get 50,000 CTP XP


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Most Fun Way to Earn TE Credits

It’s Saturday!

And Saturday means it’s Traffic Break Trivia Time. For people who don’t know (if there are any in the TE realm that don’t) Traffic Break Trivia (TBT) is weekly quiz show hosted by Lynn M and Brian “Scooter” Cullen. It is by far the funnest way to earn credits in various traffic exchanges and some random CTP XP prizes.

Come by this evening at 6PM Eastern, one of the hats for Badge #164 will be hidden in TBT and it will be your only chance to get access to that hat for next 24 hours.

The hat that is hidden in Pay it Koreward will stay there for the next 24 hours.

If you need more info on Traffic Break Trivia watch THIS VIDEO