Let’s do Easy Ones, and Badge #112

Hi Hunters!

First thing first. The badge hunt card, today it will get you Badge #112, and to get it you’ll need to get Red, Blue, Green and Yellow mines at Surf Skeleton, Traffic Exchange Wiz, Viral TE Cash and Breeder Hitz, respectively. You’ll also need Pink Key from ThumbVu, Green Key from Sweeva and Red and Blue Keys from StartXchange and Traffic Dodgems.

Now, when you finish that and those “surf X consecutive days” sites mentioned in yesterday’s post, we can go on to some simpler tasks.

And there is no simpler badge tasks than “Subscribe and Claim This Badge” ones, so here they go:

Badge #4 (Nancy Radlinger, 2 Blog), Badge #25 (Marye Ca, Rocket Responder List), Badge #48 (Tim Hanson, get the badge and hints for other badges hosted by him), Badge #80 (Terry Allison, subscribe to Surfaholics TE Blog), Badges #135 & #136 (Jeffrey Johnson, Rocket Responder List), Badge #139 (Randy Sult, Hit Funnel blog), Badge #152 (Boris Petricevic (yeah me), get the badge and a day advance on hints for my other badges), Badge #161 (Janice Campbell, subscribe and like her Facebook page) and Badge #171 (Nick Grimshawe, get his badge and his e-book).

Daily Stats:

2,293 Bigfoot Badges Claimed
91 Badges were claimed at least once
90 Badges are yet to be claimed
25 Badges still lack clue

Top 3 Claimed Badges:

  1. Badge #5 – Lynn M and Brian C. (Claimed 161 times)
  2. Badge #40 – Doc John Novak (Claimed 133 times)
  3. Badge #41 – Doc John Novak (Claimed 108 times)

Until Next Time,
Happy Hunting!