It Will be Most Excellent Extravaganza Show

And leprechaun is going to attend it. I hear he won’t be home for the next 24 hours. So if you want to get the hint and at some point of the show the direct link to leprechaun’s hat you better be there at 8PM Eastern. I hear Russell will also be giving out on of his badges ONLY during the Extravaganza Show today and and next week. Which means that if you do not attend this show you will be cutting your chances to get Russell’s badge in half 🙂

All 10,000 XP prizes for both of my badges are claimed now and will be awarded half-past midnight my time. If you are among first ten people to claim the badge and you want to capitalize on your XP you can fire up your battery at that time. Winners of smaller prizes (1,000 and 100 CTP XP) will be rewarded at later date.

10,000 CTP XP Winners for Badge 163 are:

  1. Norbert Ladner
  2. Rahul Taneja
  3. Jeffrey Stephenson
  4. Russell Stockley
  5. Karen Kutty
  6. Sarojini Endla
  7. Adrian Gurui
  8. Callum Roxburg
  9. Kendra Morgan
  10. Mandy Moomy

10,000 CTP XP Winners for Badge 164 are:

  1. Birdie Hurt
  2. Luka
  3. Georgia Stewart
  4. Elsa F Garcia V
  5. Doc John Novak
  6. Linda Mayer
  7. Leone Marziano
  8. Ong James
  9. Kris Rogers
  10. Callum Roxburg