How To Get Badge #164


#unclesam hat

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On this page you see the hats you will need to find to get badge number 164. You must find all 10 hats to get the badge. Hats will be hidden on this website, positions of some hats will change daily at midnight Belgrade time (There is a widget on the right showing you both my local and your time). When you find all the hats, you’ll be redirected to the claim page. One out of ten hats will be located on a hidden page (the page you cannot access unless you know exact URL). Here twitter hashtags come into play. If you can’t find army hat, tweet for a hint. For example you may tweet:




#leprechaun hat




“Where in the websphere is #badge164 #armyhat”

and I will tweet a hint where and when will be the hidden link revealed.


#redfedora hat



For that purpose, you may want to follow me on Twitter and on Streamup.

You also want to visit TELive every Monday-Thursday 4PM Eastern, Tom Wacker’s show every Tuesday 3PM Eastern, Russell’s Fresh and Cuppa Time Shows Monday-Friday 5PM Eastern, Lynn and Brian’s Traffic Break Trivia, Saturdays 6PM Eastern and The Sports Nerds Show, Sundays 7PM  You never know, I may post the hidden link there. 🙂

One free hint, before the hunt starts. Surf chats are good, enjoy the chats.

Happy Hunting!






#blackfedora hat



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