Easter Badge Hunt is HERE!

And the madness can begin!

This CTP Badge Hunt is very peculiar from the get go. It is, as I recall the first badge hunt that isn’t sold out before it’s started. If you are list builder or program owner you should go and grab some now.

There are currently 164 badges in this hunt (out of 210).

Badges you should consider grabbing immediately are:

Badge #35 at TESearch – If you miss it today you can retry on March 16th and 18th, but it gets progressively harder.
Badge #5 at GPowerCast – due to my tardiness, this one you can’t get during live show, so try the replay or attend it next week (Monday 21st at 1PM Eastern).

Badges that are available starting today: #2, #4, #18, #19, #52, #53, #54, #55, #66, #83, #85, #133, #161 

Expected thing for this hunt, as for all the previous ones, is that many hints are not yet in place (not even a hint on when the hint will be added).


Here are some numbers:

105 badges were claimed at least once.
59 are yet to be claimed.
33 have no hints at all!

Top 3 claimed badges as of this writing are:

  1. Badge #102 – Scott Rohn (Claimed 168 times)
  2. Badge #105 – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 120 times)
  3. Badge #16   – Lynn M & Brian Cullen (Claimed 114 times)

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