Day 2: Hunters, Eggs, and Tardiness Slips

Hello Hunters!

It’s day TWO of the Easter Egg Badge Hunt!

Total badges in the hunt as of this writing is 168, which means you can still GRAB SOME for yourself. That also means that four more badges were added to the hunt today and those are #164 (hosted by Jon Olson) and #165 through #168 (hosted by Candis Luther)

Badge #36 by Leone Marziano starts today (requirement is to surf between 100 and 250 pages at TESearch) if you miss it today, it’ll also be available on Thursday 17th and Saturday 19th with progressively higher requirements, so grab it today folks!

Get ready for Daily Challenge at TERacingLeague tomorrow as it will be your only chance to get the Badge #157 hosted by Robert Arnold!

Speaking of Daily Challenges if you didn’t do it today, there is still time, and I highly recommend you do it. It is at CoolCatHits which makes it perfect time for you to grab badges hosted by Doug Roehrig (#105, #118, #119, #120).

Tardiness still plagues Badge Hunt. Lynn M explains why it is a bad thing.


Numbers Time!

3,863 Badge Hunt Badges were claimed as of this writing!
22 Badges still lack clues!
124 Badges were claimed at least once!
44 Badges are yet to be claimed!

Top 3 Claimed Badges order is unchanged:

  1. Badge #102 – Scott Rohn (Claimed 244 times)
  2. Badge #105 – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 215 times)
  3. Badge #16   – Lynn M & Brian Cullen (Claimed 170 times)

Until Next Time,


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8 thoughts on “Day 2: Hunters, Eggs, and Tardiness Slips

  1. Love this man…Love the details about the top collected badges too…Would love to hear their results and what they have been experiencing being the top claimed badges…

  2. you love who you want mister jon olson ,for paid my com’ of last month , you have not the time for ansvers ,just WHY ? , when we buying badges + submarine game ,all time anyone for ansvers……..

    so , thx Captain for all this infos 🙂

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