Day 12: Race to Top 25

Hi Hunters!

Today marks your last chance to get the following badges:

Badge #3 and #79 at TE Racing League and Sound Surf Live respectively. You only need to get into top 25 surfers.
For Badge #37 at TE Search you’ll need to surf around 500 pages.

Tomorrow, you’ll have the only chance to get:

Badge #50 at We Love Your Sites by surfing 1250 pages.
Badge #93 at TESearch by surfing around 250 pages.

Congratulations are in order! You guys managed to snatch more than 10,000 Badges since this hunt started.

Numbers Time! 

d10,493 Badge Hunt Badges were claimed as of this writing!
8 Badges still lack clues! (and it seems they won’t be added at all)
157 Badges were claimed at least once!
13 Badges are yet to be claimed!

Top 3 Claimed Badges order is unchanged:

  1. Badge #102 – Scott Rohn (Claimed 511 times)
  2. Badge #105 – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 449 times)
  3. Badge #118   – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 420 times)

Until next time,