Day 10: Surf to the Beat

Hey Hunters!

Five more days to go!

I hope you are having fun at Sound Surf Live today, it is the only day you can get Badge #158, and listen to some great music in the process. You can also make requests since DJ Scooter B is on air!

If you haven’t done so already, it is a good moment for you to start surfing for Elina’s Badge #28 as the only possible way to get it from this point is to surf for 5 consecutive days. If you don’t start it today, tomorrow is your last chance.

Doc John is retiring 4 of his Badges (#56, #57, #58, #59) today, so go grab them if you want them. He also releases Badges #60, #89, #90, #91 starting tomorrow. requirements stay the same as for the previous set, surf at List Build Surf and XP Tasker.

Today is your second chance to get Leone’s Badge #37 at TE Search, if you don’t grab it today, you’ll have one more chance on Friday.

Numbers Time!

9356 Badge Hunt Badges were claimed as of this writing!
9 Badges still lack clues! (and it seems they won’t be added at all)
156 Badges were claimed at least once!
14 Badges are yet to be claimed!

Top 3 Claimed Badges order is unchanged:

  1. Badge #102 – Scott Rohn (Claimed 510 times)
  2. Badge #105 – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 424 times)
  3. Badge #118   – Doug Roehrig (Claimed 397 times)

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