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Let’s do Easy Ones, and Badge #112

Hi Hunters! First thing first. The badge hunt card, today it will get you Badge #112, and to get it you’ll need to get Red, Blue, Green and Yellow mines at Surf Skeleton, Traffic Exchange Wiz, Viral TE Cash and Breeder Hitz, respectively. You’ll also need Pink Key from ThumbVu, Green Key from Sweeva and […]

Bigfoot Badge Hunt is Here!

Hi Hunters! Another badge hunt is here and another round of daily updates, shortcuts and other drama associated with these events. This time around, we have 181 badge hosted by 38 people. Most of those are, as you would expect, surfing events. What’s new this time around are “badge hunt cards” as Jon calls them. […]

Day 14: Near the Finish Line

Hi Hunters! The Badge Hunt will be ending soon. For time stamped badges, there are some you should grab before Easter Sunday ends. If you surfed at least 100 pages every day since the start and do it today too, you should get Badge #19 at Sound Surf Live tomorrow. Doc John’s Badges #60, #89, #90, […]

Day 8: G got the Power

Hey Hunters! Week TWO has started! Eric Goettman revealed clues for two of his Badges (#7 and #82), both require you to surf GPowerSurf (500 and 1000) respectively. If you don’t have GPowerSurf account, join using the link above, then PM me at CTP and you’ll get my Badge #34. Leone Marziano updated her clues for Badges […]

Plus 1 Badgehunt Cheat Sheet

Hey Badge Hunters! I’ve made my first Badge hunt cheat sheep spreadsheet (with a little help of veterans of this particular sport. Thanks Tom and Sunny). So if you like what you see … go grab Tom’s and Sunny’s badges first! Here it is: Official unofficial Plus 1 Badge Hunt Cheat Sheet Spread Sheet Enjoy!

Five days in

Hey Badge Hunters! There was no reset last night and the badge 164 was easy to pick for the past 24 hours. Some took the opportunity. Good for you! For this reset I’ll do it bit differently. You won’t be able to find the hidden hat in the surf. You’ll need to find a banner […]