Bigfoot Badge Hunt is Here!

Hi Hunters!

Another badge hunt is here and another round of daily updates, shortcuts and other drama associated with these events.

This time around, we have 181 badge hosted by 38 people. Most of those are, as you would expect, surfing events.

What’s new this time around are “badge hunt cards” as Jon calls them. How they work is simple:
You need to get one of each daily promo badge (4 Keys and 4 Sub Game pieces, all of different color) and you get badge hunt badge for that day. There are 20 such badges, 1 for each day of the hunt (today it is Badge #111), so you want to do that one every day.

Let’s break down the most urgent badges:

For Badge #27 (hosted by Lynn and Brian) at Sound Surf Live, you’ll have to surf 100 pages every day from 1st until 19th June, if you do it you’ll be able to claim the badge on 20th June.

You’ll have to claim 100 surfed badge at TE Racing League every day of the hunt to claim Robert Arnold’s Badge #28 on 20th June.

To claim Badge #29 you’ll have to be one of Top 25 TE Racing League Flag claimers  from 1st until 19th June.

To get Leone Marziano’s Badge #66, be among Top 30 Surfers from 1st until 10th June at TE Search.

Other time stamped badges that you can start claiming today are:

Doc John’s Badges #42, #43, #44 at List Build Surf and Badges #45, #46, #47 at XP Tasker. You’ll have to surf 300 pages at both to get all six badges. Last day to do so will be 10th June.

Legacy Team’s Badges #9, #11, #13, #15, #17, #31 at Legacy Result, Legacy Hits, Traffic Pharaoh, Surf Skeleton, Social Ad Surf and Ninja Surf respectively, and you’ll have to surf around 450 pages for each.

Lastly, it is a bit early for any significant stats, but as I write this 437 Badges were claimed, 33 Badges still don’t have clues and Top 3 claimed Badges are: Lynn and Brian’s Badge #5, Doc John’s Badge #40 and Randy Sult’s Badge #140.

Until next Time,

Happy Hunting!


I overlooked one badge. It’s Badge #53 hosted at Elina’s Sunshine Surf Club. To get this badge you need to surf 75 pages every day of the badge hunt. Badge will appear on the 20th.


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