Author: DeChuck

Plus 1 Badgehunt Cheat Sheet

Hey Badge Hunters! I’ve made my first Badge hunt cheat sheep spreadsheet (with a little help of veterans of this particular sport. Thanks Tom and Sunny). So if you like what you see … go grab Tom’s and Sunny’s badges first! Here it is: Official unofficial Plus 1 Badge Hunt Cheat Sheet Spread Sheet Enjoy!

Design for Zedgar – Badge Hunt Edition

This is first in a series of videos I dubbed “Design for Zedgar”. Badge Hunt Edition because you can potentially get 3 badges if you use the info contained in it. First by designing your splash with AdKreator, you will get Barb Del Giudice’s badge. Then by transferring that design to you will get […]

Kore4 for $4

In case you don’t know what Kore4 is upgrade in all 4 Tim Tech traffic exchanges (StartXchange, I Love Hits, ThumbVu & Sweeva) plus Click Track Profit, their success road map for traffic exchange industry. It is sold for $30 a month. Now you have a chance to get one month free on me. Well […]

Most Fun Way to Earn TE Credits

It’s Saturday! And Saturday means it’s Traffic Break Trivia Time. For people who don’t know (if there are any in the TE realm that don’t) Traffic Break Trivia (TBT) is weekly quiz show hosted by Lynn M and Brian “Scooter” Cullen. It is by far the funnest way to earn credits in various traffic exchanges […]